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Dear Website Visitor,

Peaking at our website probably means you suffer from some pain (acute or longer term) or you might have an interest in getting your body to peak performance and like it to function optimally.
We want you to catch a glimpse of our work and thought how better to do that with short videos! So I went to work.

Let's hear from a couple of patients first.
How much we can help you, of course, is the most important question.
I was a back pain patient once suffering greatly under the often disabling condition. Like many of you, I was also quite frustrated with the help received; it was mostly ineffective or just a short-term band-aid approach.
My journey to get help brought me all the way from my native Switzerland to right here in Oakland, where an ‘outside-of-the-box’ thinking chiropractic physician approached my problem from an engineering rather then pharmacological perspective. I received the most complete care at that point; a few sessions gave me relieve for months, where as before I often suffered daily.
After that experience, I decided to devote my life to learning methods that help other sufferers get rid from pain, so that they can enjoy life to its fullest again!

This first patient was able to drop her dependance on opiate medication and turned her life around to the point, where she's now my 'Wellness Queen' - an inspiration!

Our method's foundation is an ever deeper understanding of anatomy and applying bio-mechanical rationale to our treatments. This next patient has been able to avoid foot surgery. Her foot pain up to that point was medically only evaluated as coming directly from her foot. After the patient mentioned a really bad fall onto that knee years prior, my light bulbs went off and voila, helping the lower leg bone realign with the upper leg bone made the foot pain largely disappear because the muscles stopped being all distressed!

Knee surgeries are discussed lots these days and are quite controversial. One of the problems we see is an over-reliance on X-rays for diagnosing and figuring out what to do. Below are a couple of cases of patients who had significant improvement in their knee pain and dysfunction.
A chronic case:

More acute pain:

This chronic hip pain patient was helped greatly by muscle activation:

Look here for short clips showing our work:

The first 2 videos shows general adjusting approaches. I explain the anatomical connections on the skeleton.

This next video portrays a session during which a pelvic muscle is activated using the novel AMIT method - Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. This method helps muscles function better and contract stronger after their function has been diminished due to use or injury. Proper muscle function will prevent overuse and therefore risk of injury to other, compensatory muscles. It will also help attenuate shock that vibrates and hurts joints, such as the knee or back.
A few years ago, I traveled to Utah monthly over a winter to learn this sophisticated AMIT method that has helped many, but especially athletes have better, more coordinated muscle function. Below you can see of how this method literally turns muscles back 'on' after not engaging for years.

To better understand how most pains and actually many common injuries can be dealt with much better then simply using medication, watch this 3 1/2 minute clip we show our new patients.

I also wanted to post this treatment. This patient came in all bent over with severe stabbing mid-back pain. It was so severe that he could not lay face down and we all thought, maybe the ER would be a better place for him to go.

To finish up, this is a bit of a longer clip explaining how adding muscle activation to this patient's treatment regiment made him be able to drop his morphine medication!

We hope examining these videos has helped you get an understanding of our experience and make you feel comfortable to make an appointment and have us help you.

I assure you, we will take our time to evaluate your situation properly to find the cause or your problem. We then help you setup a plan of action to fix it!

Dr. Christoph Muehlinghaus
Chiropractic Physician / Professor of Anatomy


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‘Dr. M. is the most skilled and thorough chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. He has a wide range of knowledge of how the human body works and has been able to help me recover from injuries I thought were irreversible. If you’ve been struggling with pain or an injury, I strongly recommend seeing Dr. M. as your first step to feeling better.’

-Bill Romanowski

Four Time Super Bowl Champion

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  • Dr.
    Christoph Muehlinghaus

    Besides being a chiropractor, DocMuli is also a professor of clinical anatomy at a local nursing college. His approach is founded in a deep understanding of anatomy. Christoph's emphasis on educating the patient helps them aid in their recovery and teaches them to be self-sufficient.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been seeing Dr. Muehlinghaus for 2-3 years. He is absolutely worth every dollar I spend on his work. He has the most result oriented technique, is aware of the human body and utilizes many different ways of helping make a difference in your life, because your body is your life. He is extremely respectful, knowledgeable, and I love how easy he is to communicate with whether in person or over text. I have recommended him to friends, clients of mine and coworkers."
    Courtney T. | San Francisco, CA
  • "Dr. Muli is seriously amazing. I have a long history of working with chiropractors in the Bay Area and the results of his sessions are longer lasting than any I have ever experienced! He has a real love of what he does and most of the sessions are also really informative as he loves to teach you what's actually going on with your body and what potential changes you might make to keep yourself in alignment. After our last session I bought a chair wedge (I bought it off amazon... another great thing about him is he doesn't try to sell you stuff) and am excited to watch my posture improve. All in all, he is as good as it gets. Knowledgeable, effective and really cares about his clients!"
    Tatum O. | Berkeley, CA
  • "I've been to a lot of chiropractors and Christoph is one of the best. I went in for what I thought was a chipped bone in my elbow. After he adjusted my neck and explained that the nerves run to the elbow, the elbow pain was gone. He's REALLY good!"
    Larry J. | Emeryville, CA

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