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Fee Schedule

       Chiropractic Services
SELF-PAY (collected @ time of service / superbill for insurance collection provided)

Initial Visit or not seen within 6 weeks 
(Consultation / Regional Exam / Treatment)............$ 125
Follow-up treatment......................................................... $ 75
FT student....... $ 100 / 60

The patient is responsible for the following at the time of service: co-pay, co-insurance.
The patient will be billed for charges accumulated during the deductible phase.

HMO patients need a couple extra documents for us to bill the insurance:
 - a request indicating your PCP wants us to evaluate and treat you,
 - an insurance authorization indicating agreement to pay for the service.

Medicare only pays for manipulation of the spine.
The evaluation charge is the patient’s responsibility at $45.
Due to the extensiveness of our treatments, medicare patients are charged $25 to cover non-covered services. ($30.77 
incl. co-pay if no supplement insurance)

Other Services – self-pay only

AMIT Consultation
with Toggle Adjustment     $50
FULL MUSCLE EXAM         $165     Regional  $50
A.M.I.T. Muscle activation   $55 per muscle
Muscle Chasing     $ 300/hr     $200/hr Intro

NASAL SPECIFIC                    $  165   $125 Intro

Nutritional Consult   $  75   $50 Intro

Laser ONLY             $40

No Show / cancellation for all appointments within 24 hours are charged at $30

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