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A P Student Portal

Dear Student,

This section of the website is for you.
It is my aim to help and excite you about understanding the inner workings of your body better. This is an introductory course to human anatomy & physiology that will prepare you for higher level classes.

It is my opinion that we should learn of how to be good stewards of our bodies and minds. Mitigating our health to the medical insurance complex at this point is foolish as the doctors these days are pressured to see more and more patients. The system can help us with combating symptoms and battling pathology, but is not educating us adequately to keep us healthy (as compared to 'sickly').
So, it is my plan to educate you about how your body works, so you can help yourself and your family stay healthy and happy.

The class is challenging and requires decent study time on your behalf, but I try to keep it fun and organized. Instead of having you buy a textbook, I created over 700 powerpoint slides to download right from this website.

In order to make the material more accessible, I have accompanied the slides with YouTube video lectures, which are watched prior to class. This way we can work towards utilizing the benefits of ‘reversing’ the classroom as shown successfully by the Kahn University. We use the in-class time to integrate the material, rather then simply expose you to it for a first time via a lecture…which apparently puts many into a lower brainwave state then sleep does (a MIT study says...).

As the class is becoming more inter-active, audio & video discussions will be uploaded to deepen the study.

Below you find the different lessons and handouts necessary for the class.

It is an honor to have you in class. I guarantee you, it will not be boring.

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