Test 1 Review

Alright...I know this first exam is coming rather soon.

We do it this way to put the initial material behind us and empty our heads to make room for new stuff...bones and muscles, my personal favorite.

As you study for this initial test, try to eliminate the information I'm not going to ask you about. I think some of that information is very important and maybe most relevant, but I try to stay to the core curriculum as it comes to testing. 

If you memorize things, be it either labelling terms or concepts, you will have a much easier time remembering if you visualize them as vividly as possible. Picture them as cartoons figures, the goofier the better. Put smells or even feelings to those things. Bring processes to live. If you don't get something yet, go to youtube and search for it or google terms for images. The brain remembers things much better if they are as lively as possible with as many senses attached to them as you can figure out. 

Please try not to cram study. Put a time aside every day to do a little at a time. This is why the flashcard system I explained is so helpful, it structures your studying and makes you do a little every day. 

Ok, now, download or print out the test review below and start going through your material. 

Test 1 Review

These are more inspirational TED talks I think are worthwhile watching. 

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