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As it comes to helping with studying in this class, mostly of what we have to do is remembering things. Be it a landmark of a bone or a muscle, or a physiological concept such as a muscle contraction or a nerve impulse. Generally, we have to understand the term or concept and then figure out a way to recall it when asked about it.

As we learn, having an activity associated with it greatly enhances the remembering. For example, drawing a bone with the indicated landmark on it, or listing the steps that make up a nerve impulse in ones own hand-writing stimulates memory creation.

Organizing the learned material on flashcards in small, retainable blocks of information helps the memorization process. Put the information on 1 side of the card and a question on the other.

The best form of making memory, is by having you retrieve the information repeatedly. That means you ask the question on side of the card and remember (from memory!) what the answer is.

In order to be efficient, I organize my cards in a box with sections #1-5. Cards in each section are tested in specific intervals. Section #1 gets tested daily. Those are the cards I've just memorized. Section #2 I'll test twice a week, #3 once a week, #4 twice before a test, and #5 is for storage. Each time I get a question correct, the card moves to the next section. In case I don't remember an answer, the card moves back to section #1, or has to be re-memorized altogether.

This system has helped me greatly through chiropractic school, as it helps limit the actual study time, even though it appears elaborate at first.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of it. I urge my students to try this format through this class as I can almost guarantee it will ease 'study pain'.

Leitner's Memory System

Do you know about TED talks? They are talks on technology, entertainment, or design that are 20 minutes long or less. There are thousands of them. An expert of a field presents their interest, accomplishments, or ideas to an audience in clarity and language that we all can understand.

In each section, I try to find an appropriate talk or two that I urge you to watch while you work through the material. They are inspiring and break up the studying, which, honestly, at times can be a bit boring. These talks here I found interesting as it comes to learning. Enjoy.

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